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Too much plastic

Now the Japanese, at least from what I’ve seen so far, seem to be very good at dealing with waste and recycling. The city is clean, there’s very little litter, and most of the vending machines have recycling bins next to them. However I have noticed they use a lot of unnecessary plastic in packaging, and I mean a lot. I’m talking individually shrink wrapped potatoes kinda unnecessary. Plastic mayonnaise bottle, then wrapped in another plastic package. Everything is wrapped in plastic. They have plastic bag dispensers at the entrance of shops for people to wrap their umbrellas in if it’s been raining. (And they all carry umbrellas, and at even the slightest hint if a little precipitation those umbrellas are opened and carried with the pointy bits right at my eye level). Any one who knows me will tell you I’m not really much of a conservationist, but I like to think that I take a sensible and responsible attitude towards sustainability and I don’t like unnecessary waste. Now I really don’t want to get all preachy and try and change the world. My blog isn’t about that. It’s merely observations from my (probably rather conservative and old fashion) point of view. But I do think that it would take little to no effort to drastically reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic used here. There you go. Hopefully not too preachy.

Onions individually wrapped in plastic, with a plastic tie.

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