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Reflecting on our 1st month.

Tomorrow (2nd November 2019) is exactly 1 month since we arrived in Japan. It’s a good opportunity to take a look back and reflect on how far we’ve come, and also a good marker looking forward to the next phase of our journey. To put things in perspective for my own personal growth, today I took a solo ride on the train to the coast, had a swim, had a feed, looked at a few surf shops (really shyte surf shops), and caught the train home. No dramas, and although I did at one stage find myself on the wrong platform for a connection, it all went very smoothly. Yay for me. Incidentally, it’s been a fantastic day but there was no swell so wasn’t worth the ridiculous 3000yen board hire fee.

Something else we’ve accomplished (pending a final inspection on Monday) is we’ve found ourselves a permanent place to live these next few years. A very nice 3 bedroom apartment on the 23rd floor not far from where we’re staying now. It’s close to the train station, has adequate motorcycle parking, and, if Pania so chooses, on nice days she can easily walk to work. It’s also handy to good shopping. Exciting times. Hopefully we can move in there in a couple of weeks which would work out perfectly. We have been lucky enough to meet some very nice people, been to a rugby international, watched a rugby test match at the NZ Embassy, partied with strangers, and I’ve kinda been offered a job (I think). If someone had said to me 1 month ago “this is where you will be in 30 days”, I’d have taken it.

Some random snaps of my wanderings over the last few weeks.

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