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Last day out on the CB1300

Regrettably I am selling my CB1300 in preparation for our intended return to New Zealand at the end of the year. I had considered sending it back but I just don’t have the patience to wait 3 months for freight, and then all the dramas and expenses with compliance made me decide to sell and replace it when we return.

This is also prime time for selling bikes with the riding season fast approaching, so I figured I’d try and get the best price possible at the local auctions. Fingers crossed by Wednesday it will have sold and we can focus on enjoying our last few months here in Japan.

We are also thinning out our personal belongings, furniture, and other non essential items as we consider moving away from Tokyo to either a coastal or mountain region b&b. Cheaper rent and some mental recouping as living in Tokyo at the moment under the State of Emergency is extremely frustrating. I think there have only been a few weeks of non SOE conditions in 2021, and the general public are extremely frustrated and starting to ignore recommended behaviours.

On a lighter note, here’s a bit of footage of some spirited riding in and around Chiba with another fellow expat taken last Sunday.

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