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Fuji Loop 16/08/2020

Got out on the bike yesterday for a 300km blat around Mt Fuji, and squeezed in a casual circuit around Lake Kawaguchi as well. Still experimenting with sound etc on the GoPro, so it's still not flash but I think after watching other videos, it's more the lack of engine noise from my bike, meaning all you can really hear is wind. Undecided how long I will keep the CB1300 at this stage so spending $$$ on a new exhaust isn't really a priority.

The ride was a blast, despite the extreme heat, 36deg for much of the day. I rode it clockwise this time. Previously I had only ridden it the other way. Was a pleasantly cool 27deg at altitude and I had a dream run through what I think is the best bit with no traffic, although I think I was holding up a boy racer in his Nissan Z for a bit. I'm not really known as a speedy rider and like to ride within myself, so I'm sure there will be a lot of folks who have done these sections much faster than I would go. I will admit though, to being a little over.

The last bit shows me following another rider doing a bit of lane splitting. Don't judge, it was bloody hot and I wanted to get home for a cold shower. I did 40km of this back into Tokyo. I passed him shortly after the end of recording because he was too slow.

Anyway, below is a 12.5 minute highlight real of the day. Lots missed out but you get the idea. Enjoy.

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